Sunday, March 30, 2014


LTD Management provides supply chain management / logistics consulting to manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers-- to clients anywhere in the world. Too many firms do not really manage their supply chains; their supply chains manage them. They are monolithic, one-size-fits-all supply chains, that are task / function oriented as to shipping orders.  As a result, there are customer service and cost issues.

For companies that want to use supply chain management for competitive differentiation, LTD can assist. Whatever the need--strategic or tactical / operations, we can work with you.   Supply chain segmentation. Cycle time compression. Lean and international lean logistics. Inventory velocity and inventory turns. Best practices. Metrics. Outsourcing, including 3PL versus 4PL. Supplier performance. Risk identification and mitigation. Transportation. Warehousing. International / global. Structure--process, technology, people. M&A. And more.

Our consulting is built on real-world experience. That enables us to better understand each client's needs and to work with them to develop and implement solutions.


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