Monday, April 7, 2014


MOL to stop supplying chassis for store-door moves
Monday, April 07, 2014
MOL (America) said it will stop supplying chassis for store-door moves (where a container is delivered to a consignee or shipper's place of business rather than a marine terminal) effective May 1.
In an advisory to customers, MOL said, "truck carriers will be responsible for making their own arrangements to use proper, road legal chassis equipment when picking up and delivering MOL containers."
It said it believes drayage companies, "will be able to achieve more efficient use of the chassis than under the traditional approach used in the United States."
In recent years, many other container carriers have made similar changes in order to reduce expenses and liabilities associated with maintaining chassis.
MOL said that in order to make the change in policy "a success for our customers as well as truck carriers, MOL will introduce a billing process that rewards truck carriers that can pick up and deliver containers promptly to MOL customers.
"MOL will accept an equipment return surcharge from truck carriers for all import/export store-door containers being picked up or delivered to MOL customers, as well as an ERS when performing empty container reposition activity. The ERS amount is determined by the geographic region in which the equipment was moved, and by type: import/export/empty."