Thursday, December 10, 2015


Time to play devil's advocate.  Temasek held on to the wrong company.  APL Logistics was the better one--although they did get a premium which they did not invest into NOL.  They had overpaid earlier for ships too. In this market, book value does exceed any capriciously set market value.  Temasek did not do a good job at running the business.  This is where they need tactical consulting--not a McKinsey with no practical knowledge or experience with container shipping.  They deserve kudos for being able to sell NOL.  With excess capacity and collapsing rates, letting the business bleed until it went bankrupt in 2016--and removing the capacity--seems the better choice for CMA CGM, Maersk, or any other line.  Why did CMA CGM buy it? They are more focused on OTIs and APL does more with BCOs.  is this a way for CMA CGM to get in with BCOs?  If so, can they revise their market approach to do this?  Okay, no more stirring things up.