I'd like to bring to your attention the Dynamic Distribution Disruption (D3) Retail 2016 Summit (13-14 July, New York) which is a focussed meeting for retailers to build their omnichannel supply chain roadmap.
D3 is a platform for a focussed group of very senior supply-chain decision-makers in Retail to help align inventory, distribution, and supply-chain strategies with overall business objectives.  It won’t be a massive trade show – but a contained meeting to discuss strategy and tactics.
This is not just for retailers.  What is happening  because of the Amazon Effect and order immediacy.  will spread across industries, markets, and the world.  Customer expectations will exist everywhere.  It will required advanced lean for manufacturers.  What is happening is the beginning of a global supply chain revolution.
I will be moderating a great panel discussion on Supplier-Retailer relationship. You can check out more details on the summit here: http://events.eft.com/d3/
You will find this quite valuable, and if you do decide to join, then make sure to use my special discount code 'CRAIG200' for $200off when reserving your passThis discount is in addition tot eh $200 discount shown at the conference website.
Some of the speakers at this Summit are:
Scott Spata, VP Supply Chain, The Home Depot Mike Passales, VP Omnichannel, Target Marie Robinson, COO and SVP Corporate Strategy, Michael Kors Bryan Eshelman, COO, Aldo Group Gregory Otte, Head Retail and Operations, Google Pooja Agarwal, VP Operations, Birchbox Jeff Girard, SVP Logistics, DSW Brandon Cates, DVP Supply Chain, Sears
This meeting focuses on six themes:
  • Consumer-driven supply chain • Cross-functional collaboration and change-management • Creative and pragmatic redesign of warehouses and distribution centres • Supplier and 3PL partnerships • Inventory visibility, accurate demand forecasting, efficient fulfilment and automatic replenishment • Business-technology alignment
You can check out the other speakers and complete agenda by downloading the brochure: http://1.eft.com/LP=11585
PS: Don’t forget to use the discount code “CRAIG200” if you decide to register.
Let me know you’d like any more information or if you want to be put in touch with the Event Director.  Email at info@ltdmgmt.com