Sunday, September 7, 2014


A few years ago, Bahrain was poised to be a strong competitor to the UAE as the logistics hub of the GCC.  Since the Logistics Zone was folded into the Ministry of Transport, Bahrain has stood still as the UAE as sped ahead and as Oman steps up its actions for a strong logistics role.  Bahrain has ignored and lost out that logistics is an economic cluster--as Singapore and The Netherlands have proven it is.

New causeway to link north Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain's first causeway launched in 1986.
New causeway to link north Bahrain and Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah. Photo credit: BERTRAND LANGLOIS/AFP/Getty Images
Published: 7 September 2014 - 7:33 a.m.
By: ASC Staff
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has approved the building of a second bridge between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, reports Arab News.
The approval came during a recent meeting between King Abdullah and Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa in Jeddah.
King Abdullah said the bridge, which will be called the King Hamad Causeway, will link north Bahrain to Saudi Arabia in an effort to will further develop relations between GCC countries.
Saudi Arabia and Bahrain's sea link, King Fahd Causeway, opened in 1986 and connects Saudi to Bahrain's west. Made up of a series of bridges and roads that stretch a total of 25km, it has been instrumental in boosting trade, employment and ties between the two Gulf states.

It is now one of the most congested roads in the Gulf, with more than eight million vehicles travelling across it last year, according to the King Fahd Causeway Authority.

King Abdullah also launched the first phase of a comprehensive border security project during the meeting. Attendees were briefed on progress made on the initiative and, in a statement made upon his arrival, King Hamad said Bahrain supported Saudi efforts to combat terrorism.
Interior Minister Mohammed bin Naif also gave a presentation about the border security project, which aims to reduce smuggling and trafficking of drugs, cattle and arms.