Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Little seems to be happening to create a mega-port/mega-hub to handle mega ships.  There is talk about going to a hub and spoke for these big ships.  But what about customers?  Let's talk about what they need.  They have been subjected to actions over the past few years that add time to shipments.  I feel carriers have forgotten about customers and supply chains as they chase low costs.  So as someone running a supply chain, why would I want to use a carrier and the hub and spoke?  Time is critical--especially for my A inventory items, for serving customers, and for inventory velocity. I am not a fan of H&S for flying. Also in terms of lean, H&S is a waste. It adds time to the product and creates no additional value. 

For the mega, I was thinking a Rotterdam or someone would make the needed investment to handle the big ships and get them unloaded and loaded and back out "quickly".  As things are, there are delays at ports with the big ships.  How is that problem fixed?  Or is it?  One other related topic, what do you think of off-shore platforms/terminals to load and unload ships--and then barge them or truck them over this to be built long bridge connecting the mainland?