Thursday, June 18, 2015


E-commerce Immediacy is a global megatrend.  It is in its early stages.  But it is happening worldwide--in the US, China, India, Germany, Singapore--and more.  It is rapidly growing and expanding.

This is a paradigm change to both selling and to supply chain management.  Interesting point is how many companies are consciously ignoring what is happening.

Many of the providers who are involved with and handling e-commerce immediacy are not the usual suspects, not brand names.  They risk being left behind by this rapidly developing business.  Why should leaders in e-commerce immediacy selling and who are building their business success by using other providers then let these providers who sat on the sideline get involved with their business--especially with a dominate position?  

It is interesting that logistics providers--especially the big name providers for parcel, trucking, warehousing, 3PLs, and across the service spectrum--have closed their eyes to this new opportunity.  Do they not understand how to deal with this business disruptor? Do they underestimate the velocity of e-commerce immediacy market?  Are they so locked into their business models?

More interesting are the providers who have benefited from e-commerce--and did so just because they were there, not because they changed their business.  And now they are doing nothing to lead and participate in immediacy.

These are more than short-sighted views and inaction. Transactions, activity, and volumes may not meet their internal thresholds.    But that misses the bigger picture.  Things are changing.  Doing nothing--standing still--is not a viable option.  They may learn the message--lead, follow, or get out of the way.