Sunday, June 14, 2015


While many firms are struggling with online sales---and especially with the immediacy of delivery of orders by customers, there is a new challenge ahead.  Virtual Reality Retailing.  Virtual reality shopping visits to stores.  Brick and mortar firms with brick and mortar approach to supply chain management will need to realize what is happening.

Immediacy requires a new breed of supply chains.  Virtual reality retailing--not having to go to an actual store to view items on shelves--and more--will demand even more with new supply chain management.  This paradigm for selling and supply chains is taken to a new level.

The immediacy of all this with order responsiveness and delivery is a megatrend.  It will grow beyond B2C e-commerce.  It will expand and span industries, markets, and the world.

Segregating supply chains, Compressing time, elevating to inventoryvelocity2, network alignment, inventory positioning, extending supply chains upstream,  and increasing process and technology integration are some of the signs of the new supply chains.

How many of these firms will realize--in time--what is happening?  How many of them will scrap their old ways--old business models-- of selling and of viewing and doing supply chain management?  How many will stay with their traditional supply chains and watch their business erode?