Monday, August 8, 2016


China's first refrigerated container train leaves for Moscow

(Xinhua)    21:04, August 08, 2016
DALIAN, Aug.8 -- China's first refrigerated-container train left for Moscow from northeast China's Dalian on Monday, marking the opening of a new transport link between the two countries.
The new refrigerated-freight line is 8,600 km long, with trains taking about 10 days to reach Moscow. The train is carrying products worth 150,000 U.S.dollars, including pears from Hebei, pomelos from Guangdong and garlic from Shandong.
After crossing the border, goods will switch to a Russian freight train in Baikal, Siberia.
The new transport link will shorten the journey time by 60 percent as the old route used sea and rail travel.
China's refrigerated-product exports to Russia have been on the rise.