Friday, April 17, 2015


The BRIC markets are looking a little less attractive these days
Posted by Barry Blake, Vice President, Research, SCM World
Barry Blake 2014

For much of the past 15 years, the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India, and China have been the focus of new market development plans for multi-nationals. In SCM World’s most recent Chief Supply Chain Officer study, all four BRICs ranked among the top five countries for growth opportunities. With a collective population of roughly three billion people and a combined GDP of nearly $15.5 trillion, this focus is understandable.
With the recent appreciation of the US dollar and the accompanying stiffening economic headwinds across much of the developing world, lately the BRIC nations have lost some of their original lustre in the eyes of global organisations. With the exception of India, the perspective on these markets is gloomier than it has been for some time: China is struggling; Brazil and Russia are really struggling.
The changing mood on the BRIC countries has caused many executives to begin exploring what opportunities exist in other developing countries and regions of the world. To this end, SCM World recently conducted research on the next set of markets on the growth radars of multinational companies. We wanted to understand the opportunities that lie beyond the BRICs and the advanced economies of the G7 nations.
Using data from our Chief Supply Chain Officer study, we created a list of the next 12 most intriguing growth markets in the eyes of the supply chain community. These include, from the top: Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Vietnam, Malaysia, Poland, Chile, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Colombia.