The one-size-fits-all monolithic approach to supply chain management is dead. E-commerce with its evolution to Immediacy has rendered its death. A new supply chain driving Immediacy reigns. Long live the king.
Many firms are now trying to deal with the two supply chains. One is for their traditional business--be it, retail, manufacturing, or wholesale. The other is for E-commerce Immediacy. It is faster, leaner, and agile. The new supply chain--
  • Focuses on service
  • Delivers the customer experience

  • Compresses time--continuously
  • Takes inventory velocity to inventoryvelocity2
  • Moves the supply chain upstream and into suppliers' supply chains for improved supplier performance
  • Advances integrated process and integrated technology to new levels
  • Segments supply chain to align resources and customer segments
  • Aligns networks to support service
  • Positions inventory to drive results
  • Utilizes a new breed of logistics services providers
  • Outsources to Supply Chain Service Providers to help deliver service
Those leading in the supply chain renaissance--the innovators--understand that what is happening is a business disruptor--and more. It is a new paradigm for selling and for supply chain management.
It will spread beyond e-commerce B2C or B2B--and across channels, markets, industries, and the globe.