Amazon was crowned the “most reputable” company in the United States for the third year in a row. The ranking concerns the most reputable companies doing business int he United States and is put out by The Reputation Institute.
The organization compiled the list using 83,000 ratings gathered from people in the U.S. in the first quarter. Areas of interest include products and services, citizenship, leadership, performance, innovation, governance, and workplace.
Out of the Top 10 most reputable companies, seven are headquartered and/or founded in the United States. In order to put together its annual list, RI assigns each company a score called The RepTrack Pulse, which includes how the public feels about the company.
The news that Amazon tops the list is fairly surprising because the company took a hit last year when the New York Times published a story last summer portraying Amazon as a “brutal” company to work for. After the scathing article, more information was made public, including negative stories of life as a worker at an Amazon warehouse.
Despite this, Amazon’s reputation remains intact. While the company’s scores in Leadership, Citizenship and Governance dropped, its overall rating improved from 84.1 to 85.4. Amazon’s score for the public’s perception of the company as a good workplace fell to 74.5 from last year’s 81.1. According to RI, the people who aren’t sure about Amazon’s workplace or if the company is honest about its activities increased from 20 percent to 47 percent, and 15 percent to 23 percent respectively.
The news isn’t overall surprising because the online retailer has reinvented the shopping experience for Americans. It offers Amazon Prime and Video, which includes an online streaming alternative to Netflix. The company offers some decent e-readers and tablets at affordable prices and has a firm grasp of the up-and-coming cloud computing market.
The Top 10 list includes Amazon, Hallmark, Samsung, Kellogg Company, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Rolex, Intel, Netflix, and The Walt Disney Company. It should be noted that, despite Apple’s reputation and the overall satisfaction of its product owners, the technology giant didn’t make the cut.