Sunday, August 17, 2014


There is a fundamental flaw of about every article on omnicommerce -- ignoring supply chains and how they must operate to handle the channel diversity.  With data analytics, supply chains can be designed to service cross channels. 

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07/24/2014 - Judy Anderson, SPS Commerce

Strength in Numbers: The Power of Analytics in an Omnichannel World [E-book]

In omnichannel retailing, consumers have more control over retailers and suppliers than ever. The better you understand customer preferences and trends, the better you will be at shifting your items to match demand and keep consumers from looking elsewhere.
Download a new e-book from SPS Commerce to learn how sophisticated, cloud-based analytics empower retailers and their supplier partners to transform data into retail intelligence, boosting sales and profitability for all trading partners.
Stay a Critical Step Ahead of Demand
With the right analytics solution optimized for omnichannel retailing, volumes of sales and inventory data get distilled into user-friendly dashboards and automated reports that can be instantly understood and acted upon.
The resulting insights allow suppliers to provide strategic recommendations that drive increased sell-through, while retailers increase product turn and sales by giving consumers access to the product assortment they want most. Everybody wins.
Turn Raw Data Into Profit
In a volatile, consumer-driven retail landscape, tapping into the power of analytics can equip your organization to:
  • Optimize forecasts, allocations and inventory to fulfill demand
  • Accurately distinguish what will sell from what will not
  • Track the impact of marketing and promotions
  • Form mutually beneficial strategic alliances with trading partners