Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It looks like Qatar needs some serious logistics assistance---

From Supply Chain Asia

Poor logistics pushes up food prices in Qatar Monday, 07 July 2014 07:09

Inadequate logistical facilities, such as price-competitive warehouses, and high freight rates are among the main reasons for relatively high food prices in Qatar compared to neighbouring countries. Despite market regulatory mechanisms being in place, prices of many food items have soared over the past few years due to ever-growing demand, which experts believe could have easily been kept under control with adequate support services and better planning.
Consumers here who frequent markets in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates often remark on the lower food prices there. For instance, a two-litre bottle of fresh milk of a popular brand from Saudi Arabia costs about 30-40 percent less in these neighbouring countries.
Qatar’s population has witnessed rapid growth over the past several years, but resources and facilities to support the population have not kept pace with it. Within one month (between August and September 2013), Qatar’s population increased by more than 170,000 (largely due to the influx of foreign workers), putting tremendous pressure on resources.