Sunday, July 20, 2014


Too many firms are poor at supply chain management--something they deal with every day?  Why would they care about risk--which is a threat, something perceived, but has not happend?  Short-sighted management, at the kindest.

Why isn't anyone worried about supply chain risk?

Businesses aren't focused on mitigating their supply chain risks, and no one seems to care.

Your supply chain could be at risk, so what are you going to do about it?Your supply chain could be at risk, so what are you going to do about it?
Supply chain risk remains one of the most significant threats to businesses in many industries, but the majority of executives are still not developing strategies to mitigate the problem, according to a report released Friday by UPS Capital and the Global Supply Chain Insitute.
Instead, most companies consider their corporate insurance policies their first and primary line of defense.
In fact, of the 150 firms that were surveyed as part of the study, 90% said they "did not formally quantify supply chain risk when outsourcing production," and a full 0% said they have reached out to experts to help assess their risk exposure in this area.
In the eyes of many executives, apparently, mitigating supply chain risk just is not worth the time or investment.
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“We were surprised by some of the findings regarding the lack of mitigation strategies,” said Dr. Paul Dittmann, ‎executive director of the Global Supply Chain Institute and the study’s author. “The supply chain is one area of a company where executives are faced with balancing operational efficiencies, all without actually having direct control over many of the moving parts, thus making risk mitigation strategies almost essential to operations. Any business that does not have some basic form of risk mitigation plans in place is simply gambling with its existence.”
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