Friday, October 31, 2014


Blue ocean strategy with supply chain management is global with multichannel and ecommerce for retailers.  How many will compete in the blue ocean, and how many will try to compete in the red ocean where everyone else is?

Will stores merely become showrooms?

According to Capgemini’s most recent research (based on more than 18,000 digital shoppers from 18 countries), 48 per

cent of respondents agreed that stores will likely become showrooms instead of places of transactions in the future.

While technology is heavily converging and influencing consumers’ shopping behaviour, physical store retailers should

be relieved that 72 per cent of shoppers surveyed do not assume that stores will disappear any time soon.

In the high-growth markets, namely Brazil, China, India, Mexico and Russia, the report has identified the digitally

indifferent shoppers (23 per cent), who prefer physical stores; the interactive digital shoppers, a vast majority of 50 per

cent, who are ready to embrace new technologies when making purchases; and the technophile shoppers (27 per cent),

who are tech-savvy, but like flexibility and control.