Monday, October 27, 2014


Imagine you could design your own supply chain for the company.  Forget being stuck with what you have.  Think of it.  For starters--
*Begins from customer and is designed back from there, through the company and to suppliers--not the usual designed from the company out to customers and suppliers
*Built on high level, integrated, horizontal process
*Includes elevated, integrated technology that leaves no blind spots, handles multiple formats from different sources, uses RFID, and works on all devices
*Is segmented, not the standard monolithic supply chain
*Is agile and handles multi-channel demands, especially the "immediate" customer needs with e-commerce
*Has flat organization to complement all this; the centuries old silos are gone
*Outsourcing is about service to support the supply chain
*Compresses time--and with that, inventory

What else would you include?