Friday, October 3, 2014


Should the GCC have such a bureau instead of each country investing monies into its own infrastructure and dividing up the pie into small pieces?

New report calls for HK to get dedicated logistics bureau

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Hong Kong: A new report urges Hong Kong to up its game on the logistics front. The British Chamber of Commerce Logistics Committee called for greater land to be freed up for the city’s logistics sector whole also calling for the industry to be overseen by a new body rather than the current Transport and Housing Bureau (THB).
“The largely international outlook of the logistics, ports and aviation-related sectors cannot be properly channelled under the current structure (in the THB) with the largely Hong Kong livelihood-centric focus (in public housing and mass transportation),” the committee said in a position paper submitted recently to chief executive Leung Chun-ying and the bureau.
“(THB’s) logistics portfolio should be devolved to a separate administrative structure with a centralised and focused vision and mission to lead and coordinate future needs with other government bureaux and agencies,” said the paper.
The British Chamber’s report is the latest in a series of papers and studies looking at the future of Hong Kong’s transport sector. [03/10/14]